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ASCA CH Cedar Hill Hot In The Pocket RA


DOB 04/26/2012 | Red Tri | Eyes bds amber | Size 55 cm | Weight 25 kg | Tail long (docked)
ASCA registered E178708 | ASCA DNA-VP | AKC registered DN34126604 | USA import

MDR1 + / + free | HSF4 + / + free | CEA + / + free | PRA-prcd + / + free | DM +/- carrier | CMR1 + / + free
HD good OFA | ED normal OFA | complete, correct scissor bite | free annual eye examination (DOK)

Levi lives with a great family near Hamburg.


Our American Levi came to us from Dallas (Texas) in July 2015 and with his chramant nature he integrated into our pack without any problems. He is a very balanced, calm and friendly male. He has a great physique, a great back line with very nice balanced side movements, a good front and hind quarters. He was able to secure his champion title on only 3 show weekends in Germany. He has a good will to please and so we were able to secure the Rally Advanced title in rally obedience with a short training session. Together we got a taste of agility and herding training, he also works with the sheep and geese with a good feeling.

Thanks to Terry and Hope for your trust. I'm very happy to have him.

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LM3C7509 fu¦êr fb
LM3C7591 fu¦êr fb
LM3C4781 fu¦êr fb
LM3C4771 fu¦êr fb
LM3C4800 fu¦êr fb

Exhibition successes

* ASCA Campion - 17 ASCA Major Points *
Thanks to the Judges: Rick Gann,
Karin Roesner, Arny Suzanne Burnette, Judy Chard

Westerkappeln October 2015
Intact Open Red 1st place + Winners Dog ! Judges: Judy Chard

Königswinter August 2015
Intact Open Red 1st place + Winners Dog ! Judges: Arny Suzanne Burnette
Intact Open Red 1st place + Reserved Winners Dog ! Judges: Kathi Ross Nash
Intact Open Red 4th place Judges: Kelly Nenear English

Freiburg (Elbe) July 2015
Intact Open Red 1st place + Winners Dog ! Judges: Karin Roesner
Intact Open Red 3rd place judges: Jeanne R. Heger

USA February 2013
Intact 6-9 months 1st place + Winners Dog ! Judges: Rick Gann

Rally successes

Freiburg (Elbe) July 2016
Advanced A - 180 points + RA title

Belgium June 2016
Advanced A - 194 points
Advanced A - 191 points

Jubegga - Holland May 2016
Novice A - 197 points X qualification and 4th place + RN title

Hechtel-Eksel - Belgium April 2016
Novice A - 193 points and 1st place
Novice A - 184 points

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