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Utilization / employment

Unfortunately, many breeds are charged with the accusation "but they need a lot of activity". This is what friends, strangers and even many dog ​​trainers throw at you and what you get to read on the Internet is often very questionable. This is how the misunderstanding begins ... please remember: "sometimes less is more" !

The Australian Shepherd has versatile characteristics, he is persistent, energetic, incredibly intelligent - which is not always an advantage. You should be aware of how you want your dog to be. If you want a quieter representative, the dog must also learn this calm. He does not need around-the-clock work and he doesn’t have to learn to be pushed to a high level, he can do that all by himself ... limited work, workload, consistent and calm upbringing is the right way to go.

The Aussie is particularly suitable for active people / families. Whether you are outdoors a lot or like to be out and about in sports, want a versatile family dog, are interested in dog sports or maybe even oriented towards herding.

The Aussie is originally from the USA and was used there for herding. In the course of time and popularity of these beautifully colored dogs, the breeds have diverged a lot. People have their tastes and preferences, which is why the look of the Aussie varies greatly.

Many differentiate herding dogs in work lines and show or therapy lines.
With herding dogs, one can generally distinguish between drive and instinct. What that means should be clear to you. In so-called work lines, there is much more emphasis on work performance; here, a lot of emphasis is placed on certain performance, endurance and certain characteristics. With the so-called show lines one tries to get as close as possible to the breed standard and how he understands it, a lot of attention is paid to body structure, gait and optics.

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