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Terms of delivery

We would be happy if interested parties contact us at an early stage. You are welcome to get to know us and our pack better in advance, so both sides get an insight. In personal conversations we also find out what you are looking for as an interested party and thus which matings and which puppy might fit.

We do not want to multiply this breed senselessly and we put a lot of effort into our dogs, future litter planning, our rearing and our protégés. You are our family and our lifeblood.

We try as best we can to decide which puppy might suit you.
It is therefore important to be honest and not talk nicely to yourself. The decision whether everything fits is of course up to us. If we decide to do so, we will be happy to take the reservations , the puppy is now firmly reserved for you and is no longer available for mediation.

How do we receive visitors? If we have puppies, we ask for your understanding that we are only available from the 4th to 5th We can offer appointments for a limited week, usually 4 days a week and no more than 2 families on the 4 days in order not to stress the mother dog and puppies too much.

The puppies are allowed to move into their families at the earliest at 8.5 weeks, they are then dewormed several times,

first vaccinated and examined for eyes by a DOK.

What does a puppy from us cost? Our puppies are not sold at a bargain price or in installments.
We also do not differentiate between genders or colors! Our puppies are used as family dogs
(not for breeding). Puppies for breeding and show are only given if they are of the appropriate quality and have been agreed.

From now on, our puppies will receive papers from the Club Australian Shepherd Germany (CASD for short) under the VDH / FCI and will be registered in the Australian Shepherd Club of America (ASCA for short).

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