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Rearing & delivery


The puppies are born in a quiet area in a spacious whelping box. This is where they spend their first time.
Our puppies grow up in the house with direct family and pack connection.
From the 3rd to 4th Week we enlarge everything so that the little ones can move from the whelping box into their run. If the little ones feel safe there, they can regularly go to their own garden area. Here you can expect a lot of space to play, romp and fight. The little ones get to know normal everyday life right from the start, with all the noises that go with it, as well as our rest of the pack. It is very important that the little ones get a lot of contact with the sovereign and social pack. That is the starting shot for their own social behavior.

Now the little ones can also get to know the first visitors and interested parties. This usually happens from the 4th to 5th grade. Week, depending on the stage of development of the puppies or the litter.

The puppies are born between the ages of 6-7. Week examined by the DOK for eyes. In addition, you get a great puppy package from us with all documents for the puppy and the parents, extensive information material with many helpful tips, and food for the first time on the way. Our puppies are raised barf (raw meat). We are happy to provide information on this, and you can change the feed in your home at any time. Before handing in, the little ones will be used to driving, have mastered their first vet visits, get to know the collar / leash and the dog box (kennel).

And then the new big and wide world begins ... together with you, where there is so much new to discover and learn. We wish everyone a great puppy time and of course we are still looking forward to pictures, reports or visits from you and support you wherever we can.

From now on, our litters will be at the Club Australian Shepherd Germany (CASD for short) under the VDH / FCI
and registered in the Australian Shepherd Club of America (ASCA for short).
Please note that we principally sell our puppies as family dogs, ie "not for breeding", ie not approved for breeding. If you have any breeding intentions, we would be happy to discuss this with you in advance
We want to protect this great breed and our offspring as a precaution.

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