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The Aussie is a friendly, intelligent, and very eager to learn. He has impressive facial expressions, is very versatile, and "in the right hands" is also easy to train. He fulfills the tasks assigned to him with style, joy and enthusiasm. He is often reserved with strangers, but actually not shy. An Aussie is a wonderful dog for nature-loving, sporty people and families who want to spend a lot of time with their dog. Everyday problems can arise, but with "good" help they can often be quickly and easily steered back on the right track.
The variety of colors of the Aussie is represented in the following colors Black, Red, Blue Merle, Red Merle and the with or without copper-colored badge. The merle color can also be very different ... from light to dark. This is exactly what makes every Aussie simply unique and gives them something special in their looks! It is the same with the length of the rod, which is available from long to medium to short. For some still unknown, for us quite normal, the NBT (Natural Bobtail or natural stubby tail).

"The natural or docked stubby tail is a characteristic feature of the Aussie"

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