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Agility, rally, obedience, ...

Copyright 2015, by E. Philippy

Agility is a sport in which humans lead the dog through an obstacle course. The aim is to complete this course without errors within a prescribed time. In training, precision, technique and correct body language, as well as speed, are therefore equally important. Due to the physical demands, dogs in the ASCA may only be led on agility trials from 18 months. The dogs should be healthy (hips, heart, etc.) and humans should also have a certain level of fitness.

Rally is a sport that is based on partnership and teamwork between dog and handler. Rally combines elements from obedience with freestyle elements. In contrast to obedience, a lot more communication between humans and dogs is allowed. The rally trials not only serve to demonstrate the skills and the relationship of the dog-human team, but also, in particular, to ensure fair cooperation among the participants.

Dog and handler are asked to master a rally course created by the judge. All starting teams in a class are given the same task. The course is fluid and can be mastered quickly. The team should present itself fresh, balanced and with verve and joy. Above all, the participants should show sporty fairness towards their dogs and of course their colleagues.

Obedience is a sport in which the dog is supposed to demonstrate free and joyful obedience to people in matters of footwork, obedience exercises, fetching, distinguishing smells, distance control and group exercises. The aim is to complete the individual exercises error-free, dynamically, with the permitted commands and / or signals and a harmonious team image. The physical strain on humans and dogs is much lower in obedience than in sports such as agility, so that dogs from 6 months old can start trials in ASCA obedience. Thus, this discipline is also suitable for dogs and people of old age when their physical fitness declines.

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