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We live with our dogs in Schleswig-Holstein, near to Hamburg.

The Aussie is an intelligent, eager to learn, and people-oriented dog. With his versatility, his impressive facial expressions and his appearance, he inspires many and enjoys great popularity.

We breed with selected dogs, primarily from the show lines. We attach great importance to health, character, beauty and quality and we put a lot of effort into it, we invest a lot of time and money for our dogs and their matings.
Our dogs live as family dogs with us in the house, we lead and encourage them depending on their personality.

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"If you love what you are doing, you will be successful"

Albert Schweitzer

Ronja Schacht

24616 Sarlhusen
0176 61518089

The Australian Shepherd has accompanied me in life since 2007 and I cannot imagine anything better by my side. I got to know a lot of great people and great dogs through my heart dog "Mavisch".

Dog breeding started at the end of 2012 as a co-breeder and since 2016
the dream of my own breeding under the ASCA started for me.

... new goals, new paths ...

I am now a member of the CASD / VDH / FCI
and furthermore in the American association ASCA and the associated German associations ASCD, ASVA, ASCCG

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